zentiMEDIA – Your Partner recording studio for recordings in Munich, Germany

zentiMEDIA in Munich is the perfect partner studio when it comes to free recording capacities.

Do you have a recording studio and would like to record a speaker from the Munich area or would like to use us as a partner studio?

Perfect! We are happy to provide you with our recording equipment and producers. We are equipped for recordings with or without images, as a master or slave studio. Moreover, we are equipped with all ordinarily used transmission technology – ISDN and IP-based. We offer APTX Worldnet Milano, Mayah C11, Musictaxi, Session Link, Source Connect and many more ways of connecting to our studio.


Click here to find the required information for connecting with us! You can find a thorough list of our equipment at our three studios here.


Optionally, we are also available to arrange a suitable voice for you.


In case you do not have any transmission technology available, we are happy to let you book a speaker to our studio and direct the recording live via phone, Skype or MS Teams. We will cut following your guidance. After the recording, we will select the takes and provide you with a downloadable copy in our download center here on our website.


Price fairness and the confidential handling of your data is of utmost importance to us.


Contact us here!


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