The Recording Studio in Munich

with a wide range of services:


The recording studio in Munich is like a handy toolbox: There is the right tool for every project in the area of recording and Speech.


  • German as well as foreign-language speakers
  • Studio recordings
  • Sound recordings
  • Sound design
  • Music production
  • Jingle production
  • Live-recordings
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Of course you can rent our recording studio for your own productions - we will be happy to provide you with our equipment.


zentiMEDIA is a mix between a recording studio, an advertising agency and a creative agency with widespread services. We link creative marketing know-how with our professional (sound-)production equipment. Therefore, zentiMEDIA lets you book individual media services or the complete production.


The services as a recording studio in Munich are:

As a recording studio in Munich, we offer worldwide recordings with local and international native speakers via ISDN / IP (Session Link, Music Taxi, Mayah, APTX, Source Connect), a large network of German speakers, high quality standards, professionalism with employees and speakers, timecode recording, famous voices, creative sound design, composition of sound logos, jingles and music, R128-mixing for TV, voice recordings for documentaries, movie trailers, TV-commercials, eLearning-videos, explanatory videos, Podcasts, digitalization of old media, full-service production of TV-commercials, radio spots, waiting loops, and answering machines.


As a recording studio, zentiMEDIA views its core tasks not only in the field of voice recording. Instead, zentiMEDIA focuses on developing expertise in other forms of media.


zentiMEDIA. Audio Full Service 

Music Studio & recording studio in Munich

"A hearty ‘servus’ from the heart of Munich!"


Welcome to zentiMEDIA, the only recording studio in Munich with the title: Das Ideenreich (the realm of ideas). At our studios, we create custom creative ideas and high-quality services made by hand in Germany.


zentiMEDIA specializes in voice recordings – in detail, this means:

  • for recording and and producing radio spots
  • for recording video games
  • for recording and conceptualizing phone waiting loops
  • for recording audio books
  • for recording answering machines
  • for recording cinema commercials  
  • for recording and producing podcasts
  • for recording TV-commercials
  • for recording video clips
  • for recording image videos and much more…


As a recording studio, we also offer our services for recordings of partner studios. With APT IP Codec technology, sending and receiving data is easy for us.


The recording studio in Munich not only offers a large selection of German professional speakers, but also a variety of international native speakers, such as English, Russian, Arabic, or Chinese. If needed, zentiMEDIA has access to speaker databases in foreign countries. Thus, we offer more than 50 languages for our recordings.



You do not want to record music instead of speech? Even this is no problem! You can rent our recording studio in Munich or produce your music with our professional producers.


zentiMEDIA in Munich has the technical ability to record voices in real time with recording studios in the whole world through the ISDN transmission devices APTX and MusicTaxi: The speaker is in a foreign studio and is being recorded live at the zentiMEDIA studios in Munich. Besides German native speakers and voices, our recording studio in Munich also has contacts to german dubbing voices, which you can book and record at zentiMEDIA in Munich.



Famous Voice Actors at Our Recording Studio in Munich


The best known include:

Robert Redford (Rolf Schult during his lifetime as well as his almost identically sounding son Christian Schult as one of our regular speakers),

Bruce Willis (Manfred Lehmann),

Michael Douglas (Volker Brandt),

The Simpsons Family with Homer (Christoph Jablonka),

Bart (Sandra Schwittau),

Kent Brockman (Donald Arthur),

Mr. Smithers (Hans Georg Panczak)

These are only some of the voice actors that are available at zentiMEDIA, your recording studio in Munich.


We deliver on time – in the case of radio spots always before the broadcast date – and always with a focus on the advertising impact for improved gross rating points, copyright and the associated exploitation rights. Any questions? The zentiMEDIA Team is available to you with their know-how in the field of marketing, sound engineering and media law.


We are specialized in highly current productions, internet recordings, or urgent updates.


zentiMEDIA Your Recording studio in Munich

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