Find Professional speakers

A professional speaker is not just someone, who can speak well.

Due to more than 20 years of experience, zentiMEDIA knows the field of voice recording well and knows, which professional speaker is “en vogue” and where to book them. Therefore, we can reassure you that we will find the perfect voice for your video, image film, explanatory video, or commercial.


What makes a professional voice unique:


There are several evaluation criteria against which the quality of a speaker is measured against. Most important is, of course, the timbre of the voice. However, the availability, experience, the know-how of professionally altering one’s voice, the pricing and the media integrity are also important criteria to consider. zentiMEDIA knows how to evaluate these criteria and therefore knows how to find, cast, and book the perfect voice for your project. Not having to dig through voice databases saves you valuable time.


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zentiMEDIA offers many different types of professional speakers. Our portfolio covers:

-       German professional speakers

-       Foreign language speakers  

-       Bavarian speakers

-       Speakers for Radio

-       Dubbing actors

-       And many more!