Film Scoring in Munich

We offer film scoring and voice recordings for the following films…

  • Feature films
  • Image films
  • Explanatory films
  • corporate films
  • Documentaries
  • Trailers
  • eLearning Videos
  • TV-Spots
  • And many more

Whether lip-synchronous film dubbing or a professional voice-over accompanying your image films.


Our large selection of speakers offers you exactly the right voice in over 50 languages.


zentiMEDIA has the right Equipment and professional employees to offer you the quality you need for your score because the film score is, in addition to the right image, the main quality in a film.


Whether national or international voice recordings, we offer the right music and needed atmosphere with background sounds with professional sound design. The recording studio takes on the booking of the desired speakers, the recording, and the high-quality edit and mix of the files. From Munich, the recording studio works with partners in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne and the whole world.


Get a taste of what your films can sound like. zentiMEDIA scores feature films, image films, industry films, documentaries, trailers, eLearning videos, TV-Spots, web clips and many more.


Voice Recordings for Films only with the right speaker

Our Speakers always hit the right tone – the voices of zentiMEDIA look forward to introducing themselves to you.


Language creates knowledge 

Are you aware of the consequences of Brexit? For many years, our professional speakers have presented themselves in explanatory films, services (e.g. new App solutions), products (e.g. magnetic light), processes (e.g. company- & manufacturing processes), and events (e.g. European soccer championship) with excellent voice quality.

We answer open questions and make a significant contribution to the verbal transmission of knowledge. Curious about the next puzzle reveal? Read more about eLearning and our explanatory film production here.


Language creates music

At zentiMEDIA, you have a large selection of speakers. Whether female or male, low and sonorous or young and fresh – our speaker pool offers the right voice for every project.


Exclusive voices and native speaker

Buenas Dias! Buongiorno! Guten Morgen! Bonjour! ... We also record your explanatory film in over 60 languages and with different accents. Are you looking for your project to be voiced in “Dari”? We can deliver exotic languages. Do you have a high standard for your target group? An exclusive product? A historic event of the century?

For those conditions, we recommend prominent voices such as the dubbing voice of Robert Redford. The sky is the limit for exclusivity in speech.