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Welcome to zentiMEDIA, the recording studio in Munich where creativity is the number one priority! As a creative agency with an in-house recording studio in Munich, we are your recording studio for voice recordings, sound design, jingle production and advertisements.


We, as a recording studio, are specialized on urgent productions and large-scale advertising campaigns – no matter if solo voice recording, extensive explanatory film recording with sound design and music or an advertising campaign development. Our recording studios and audio engineers are happy to assist you in a timely manner.


zentiMEDIA Recording studio Munich

Over 10,000 audio productions since 1999. Here are our most popular services at a glance:


  • Radio advertisements and spot production
  • Film dubbing
  • Professional speakers and voice recordings
  • The partner for other recording studios in Germany and throughout the world: the recording studio in Munich

Audio Full Service


Recordings, professional speakers, media consulting

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Whether you need individual parts of the whole toolbox. zentiMEDIA is happy to adjust to your individual needs!


Whether you need a professional voice for your project, a large-scale recording with mixing or everything out of one hand – from casting to the finished audio mixing with speaker, music, sound and text concept as well as full-service order management.

At zentiMEDIA in Munich, you are at the right place – we deliver the right sound.


Audio Full Service. Recording studio in Munich


And the best thing: You can book our services as individual modules or as a complete toolbox.


We are happy to consult you and are looking forward to a create a friendly, sustainable relationship with you.

zentiMEDIA. Your creative agency! The recording studio in Munich for voice recordings.


zentiMEDIA. The recording studio in Munich for creative media productions.


zentiMEDIA. Quality and experience since 1999.


zentiMEDIA is a hybrid form of a recording studio, production studio, speaker agency and creative agency.


As the agency for media productions, zentiMEDIA has specialized in voice recordings within the area of sound. zentiMEDIA offers voice recordings for the recording of radio spots, the recordings of computer games, the recordings of telephone hold loops, the recording of movie theater spots, the recording and production of podcasts, the recording of video clips, the recording of image films and much more. Complementing this, the recording studio does not only offer a wide array of German professional speakers, but also a variety of native speakers, for example English, Russian, Arabic, or Chinese speakers. If necessary, zentiMEDIA also has access to speaker databases in foreign countries. Thus, zentiMEDIA offers over 50 different languages. zentiMEDIA has the technical ability of using the ISDN-transmission devices APTX and MusicTaxi to carry out recordings with studios around the world in real-time: The speaker is in a foreign studio and we record him here live at zentiMEDIA in Munich. Besides ordinary German speakers and voices, the agency for audio productions also offers the contact to German dubbing voices, which you can book and record at zentiMEDIA in Munich. Robert Redford (Rolf Schult during his lifetime and his almost identical sounding son Christian Schult as one of our regular speakers), Bruce Willis (Manfred Lehmann), Michael Douglas (Volker Brandt), the Simpsons family with Homer (Christoph Jablonka), Bart (Sandra Schwittau), Kent Brockman (Donald Arthur), Mr. Smithers (Hans Georg Panczak) are only a small selection of dubbing voices, which are available at zentiMEDIA.


In the creative area, zentiMEDIA has specialized on advertising, creative advertising ideas and advertising concepts as a PR agency and advertising agency. zentiMEDIA produces your advierising from radio advertising to video clips. Thereby, our focus is not only on clever ideas, but also on the proven advertising effect and your marketing. To do this, the advertising agency accesses a large network of experienced writers, advertising writers and communication professionals. By doing so, we are ensuring that your production is differentiated from your competitors. Whether Text concepts or samples for a funny commercial, whether a print campaign with a strong claim or a telephone holding pattern – zentiMEDIA in Munich always creates a briefing, then consults and texts target customer specific and market specific. Use the timely and professional collaboration: with zentiMEDIA it is possible to combine creative processes with solid marketing know-how and advertising psychology.